Our Testing Laboratory :

Testing Facility

J B Paper Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is quality driven organization and work towards delivering quality Electrical Press Board and their Components (Insulation Material) at competitive prices. While conducting the inspections, we ensure the processes match up with the defined Industrial standards.

J B Paper Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. has a big testing laboratory with latest equipments and experienced engineers. Before dispatch they check all material carefully and issue a certificate to ensure about quality.

Our laboratory performs tests with the following targets: acceptance inspection of raw material, process control, product development tests and failure analysis. Using our state-of-the-art testing equipment, tests can be performed in accordance with the current standards for insulation materials or according to customer’s specification.

In our laboratory we do many tests on our products before dispatch i.e. mechanical tests, chemical tests, optical tests, electrical tests, miscellaneous tests

J B Paper Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. realize it's responsibility towards quality of it's products and trust of their clients. We have highly qualified and experienced technical team to produce Press Boards (Pressboard) as per international standards. We get the assurance of product quality at various stages manufacturing process we have established a well equipped test laboratory which controls quality parameters both in the production process as well as in the finished product. Lastly, final inspection by Quality Control Department is done prior to dispatch. We use most efficient operating system and follows strict quality control in the selection of softwood pulp, water and other raw materials.